Primary: The UI has Two Faces

Sorry for the lapse in posts, blame it on the holidays and an illness.

I’ve decided the thing about Windows 8 that irks me the most is its schizophrenic user interface. The Windows Desktop that we know and feel at home with is subjugated to the new Windows Start Page. To put it nicely, the new interface is plain, boring, and cartoonish when compared to the Aero Glass interface introduced in Windows Vista. And you get flipped between the two interfaces way too often.

Three of my customers have bought new computers with Windows 8 installed. Their reactions echo confusion and displeasure. What WAS Microsoft thinking?

I stand by an earlier quote, “Windows 8 makes my thousand dollar desktop look like a hundred dollar cell phone.” I don’t like it.

Is there anything I do like in Windows 8? Come back for my next installment.

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