Windows 8 First Thoughts

We’re going to be hearing a LOT about Windows 8. Whether on a Windows 8 Smartphone, a Surface (or other) Tablet, or a new laptop, desktop, or all-in-one PC.

If you ask Microsoft, “touch” is the finally ready for prime time next wave. I know this because I watched some of the Windows 8 Launch Event on the Internet and I attended a Houston event last Friday. While I don’t have a touch enabled device I have now installed Windows 8 on a fairly powerful desktop system.

After seventeen years, starting with Windows 95, the familiar Windows Start Button has been replaced with the new “Modern” tile based Start Page. I will reserve comment on its utility until I give it a proper shakedown, but will admit the first thought through my head was, “Great! They have made my $900 PC look like a $100 Smartphone.”

Are you getting a new PC for Christmas? Would you be interested in a two hour class to ease the transition? If I get enough interest I plan to create just such a class. Let me know with an email to pcdoctor at cypresspctech dot com.

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