Apple Numbers: 4, 5, and 6

Apple has released the very successful iPhone 5 and has included the new IOS version 6 as its operating system. Google Maps is gone, as is YouTube.

Apple has included their own map application and, to say it nicely, “It has problems!” Updating and correcting this map app is a new high priority for Apple.¬†I expect them to ¬†correct it ASAP to get their critics to be quiet.

YouTube can easily be re-installed from the Apple Store.

Key benefits to the iPhone 5 include faster speeds, 4G network support, and an improved camera application. But these are not compelling enough for me to replace my iPhone 4.

Users of iPhone 4 and 4S can upgrade to IOS 6. Some of those who have done so have reported degraded battery life. I personally haven’t seen this on my iPhone 4.

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