Want Fries with your WiFi?

At least two fast food restaurants in Cypress offer free WiFi.
I recently visited McDonalds and Wendy’s for an iced tea and a speed test.

McDonalds access requires responding to terms and conditions with your web browser, then connects you to the Internet. I never have a problem connecting here, but the speed isn’t blazingly fast. Makes me wonder if they are sharing a DSL line with us.
Ping: 79 ms, Download: 1133 kb/sec, Upload: 379 kb/sec
Plus: Reliable
Minus: Slow but Steady

Wendy’s also has free WiFi, also with browser acceptance of terms and conditions. And they make McDonalds look fast! Ping was 602 ms. The other speed tests failed on two different days effort. Don’t plan on watching Netflix here.
Plus: Good value menu and free senior citizen drinks
Minus: Did I say slow?

Next time, “Who Doesn’t Have WiFi?”

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