Want Java with your WiFi?

I promised more about free WiFi in the Cypress area. This weekend I checked out Internet access at two local coffee shop locations.

First I visited Starbucks, the location between Best Buy and Target. They always seem busy, and I had to wait behind three other groups of customers for my cup of coffee. But I got online right away. Free connection after reading and responding to terms and conditions, followed by redirection to starbucks.com. No problem. As I sat down I ran Comcast’s free SpeedTest Android application. The result was a respectable 1124 kb/sec download and a surprising 1666 kc/sec upload. Nothing like my home speeds but certainly fine for email and web surfing.
Plus: Free refills with registered Starbucks card
Minus: Crowded

Next I visited an independently owned neighborhood location, Jitterbug Cafe, found on Mason Rd. just north of Cypresswood. I have been enjoying this business for a long time. The staff are all friendly, the prices are good, and for me, I can avoid Hwy 290.
Internet access is by passphrase, so there is no delay in getting to your content. It personally bugs me to launch email only to remember that I must use a browser to actually get online first. Not an issue at Jitterbug. Note: They do update the passcode at times, but not that often, and only to protect themselves from “sidewalk signal surfers.”
Speed was nice too! 27137 kb/sec download, 4768 kb/sec upload!!
Plus: Friendly, local business, optional coffee club tracks purchases for discounts
Minus: Hours shorter than Starbucks, you have to find it first

My take-away: Support your local business and get to know Jitterbug Cafe in Fairfield. Tell them Norman sent you.

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